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Course 1 - Feminine Enchantment Advanced Version

Worth $399.85

In this course you'll discover...

  • What To Do If He Says He's "Not Ready" - Most women that this happens to think that he's saying something he's not. This is really a cry for help from your man. And if you know the 4 steps I'm going to teach you, you'll be able to get past this and get into the relationship you want with him.
  • How to Share Your Feelings With a Man - Have you ever felt like you really needed to tell your man something but you were SCARED that it might push him away? I'm going to share with you the secret you need to understand if you want to share your feelings with him in a way that brings him in closer instead of pushing him away from you.
  • The 3 Step Formula to Being Irresistible to Men - If you've ever wondered why a man isn't into you or loses interest, I've found that it's almost always caused by one of these three things. If you want to continue to be irresistible to your man for the long term, you need to know what they are.
  • How to Become Exclusive - Are you dating a man but you're not really sure if he's seeing other people or not? Here's what you need to say if you want him to be exclusive with you and only you.
  • What to Do If He Doesn't Call - Have you ever felt a strong connection to a man only to not have him call or text you to meet up again. There are actually a few very important reasons why men do this and I'm going to share with you what you should do if you're in this situation.
  • How to Know if He's Right For You - You don't want to waste a second on a man who isn't serious or who isn't right for you. Fortunately, it's very easy to see what makes a man right for you and what doesn't.
  • How to Tell If He's Interested - Instead of telling you how he feels about you, men give off subtle signs that show you. If you miss these signs, you'll miss out on opportunities to grow closer to him and might end up pushing him away instead.
  • How to Stop Sabotaging Things With a Man - Sometimes when things are going really well in a relationship, you may accidentally get in your own way. If you learn how to handle yourself in these situations, you'll end up getting through it smoothly and create a deeper connection with your man instead of sabotaging things.
  • And much, much, more...

You're also going to get a bonus instructional video. Here it is...

Bonus Instruction:

How to Make a Man Feel Like You "Get Him"

Worth $49

If you want a man to feel like you're exactly who he's looking for, he needs to feel like you understand who he is and what he's about and love him for who he is.

In this video instruction, I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to do in order to make him feel like you know who he is better than anyone else.

Bonus Instruction:

Relationship Killers

Worth $49

According to the Relationship Research Institute (one of the most influential educational facilities on learning about how relationships work or don't work), in order for a couple to stay together, they have to feel an average of 5 times more positive emotions than negative ones...

Relationships are more fragile today than ever before. People don't HAVE to stay in relationships. Cheating on each other is as easy as swiping right.

If you want a man to stay with you, you need to make sure you aren't engaging in the most common mistakes that women make in relationships that end them.

I call them "The Relationship Killers" and you need to know what they are if you want to attract and keep a man for a long-term "forever" type of relationship.

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